Pope Francis caught making surprise stop at record store

Vatican Pope Outing
Posted at 7:59 PM, Jan 14, 2022

Pope Francis was spotted leaving a record store in Rome this week.

According to The Associated Press, the pope, who used to be a frequent customer at the shop, showed up at the store unannounced.

“He walked in the shop and it was an amazing meeting. And as he promised, he blessed the shop,” the shop owner told The Associated Press.

A Vatican reporter happened to be in the area when the pope was leaving the store. The Associated Press said the pope addressed the reporter, acknowledging that he can't go out in public without being noticed as much anymore.

“Thank you for doing your vocation, even if it put the pope in difficulty,” the pope reportedly joked.

The pope apparently didn't buy anything during his visit to bless the shop. However, he was reportedly given a CD of classical music.