Police release body cam video of Las Vegas shooting

Posted at 10:19 PM, Oct 03, 2017

Click on the video above to view the body cam footage

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police released body camera footage captured Sunday night from several officers near the hotel that Stephen Paddock allegedly shot and killed 59 people, and wounded hundreds more.

In one body cam video, you can see officers staying close to a wall, as one officer pulls out his handgun. You can also hear sirens blaring as the sounds of gunfire echo.

"They're shooting at us, stay down, stay down," one officer comments. 

"It's coming from the Mandalay Bay. It's coming from the window," another officer says. 

A separate video shows officers hunkered behind a police car as one member of the police got shot. 

A third video started out partially obscured by a yellow vest that an officer was wearing. The officer was said to be shielding a woman. 

"Stay down," a male voice says. 

"Is that a firecracker?" a female responded. 

"No, it's gunshots," the man responds. "I have a vest on."

As the shooting briefly stopped, the officer got up and directed people away from the gunfire.