Police kill 5 'terrorists' in operation near Barcelona

Posted at 8:08 PM, Aug 17, 2017

Five terrorists were killed early Friday in Cambrils, Spain Catalan police said. Authorities say there is an ongoing police operation, but the situation is under control. 

According to Associated Press sources, the suspects were wearing bomb belts at the time of the standoff. Police officials said they were responding to a second possible terrorist incident of the day, just hours after an incident 70 miles away in Barcelona.

It is unclear whether these suspects were involved in Thursday's attack, which killed 13 and injured nearly 100. Local police encouraged residents near the raid to stay inside. 

The first terrorist attack took place Thursday afternoon in a popular tourist area of Barcalona. The suspect used a van to drive through the crowded streets and sidewalks full of pedestrians. 

It was believed that the driver had gotten away from the attack before authorities arrived on the scene.