Phoenix senior prank ruffles feathers, mimics 'The Purge'

Posted at 10:40 PM, Sep 26, 2017

Senior pranks are supposed to make people laugh, and at times they do ruffle some feathers, but a Phoenix senior prank has many parents and alumni calling foul.  

A video was posted online of seniors mimicking The Purge movies, and it has many in the community shocked, with others saying it was just a joke.  

The Purge is a series of movies where once a year, sirens sound around the U.S. alerting all that criminal activity, including murder, is legal for 12 hours.  

Students at North Pointe Preparatory are seen taking over a TV studio, armed with water guns and soft bats, attacking another student who was bound with duct tape.

The video then plays a message that officially commences their version of "The Purge" outlining the rules of the game. Teachers are not to be harmed. Only water guns and super soakers are allowed in the prank. 

The video shows several seniors running into classrooms with water guns. They shoot the water at students who take cover. Screams and laughter can be heard. Some students even lock the doors, preventing the masked seniors from entering. 

But some parents, as seen in the player above, say the video went too far and are demanding an apology or greater action be taken.