No, Danny Bangs is ‘not a DZ employee,' Denver Zoo says following SNL skit

Posted at 3:42 PM, Mar 12, 2017

DENVER – Denver Zoo officials took to Twitter Sunday morning after a skit aired on Saturday Nigh Live, in order to jokingly reassure the public they are very careful when it comes to hiring personnel.

The skit portrayed SNL host Scarlet Johansson interviewing a professional animal photographer for Good Day Denver, a made-up morning news show.

Due to a series of unfortunate mistakes, photographer Danny Bangs (portrayed by Mikey Day) is instead identified as an “animal pornographer.”

The spoof then takes a darker turn as Johansson makes innuendos alluding to bestiality, at which point “Devon” (Kenan Thompson) interrupts the broadcast and reads a statement from the zoo, which partly reads: “Danny Bangs will no longer have access to animals at the Zoo while we investigate the extent of his crimes.”

The segment closes with one of the anchors teasing to “more details on the emergent Danny Bangs scandal at the Denver Zoo.”

Sunday morning, the Denver Zoo tweeted out a real statement about the skit: 

You can watch the full skit below (WARNING: The segment may not be suitable for all audiences)