NHL players called a 'bunch of jerks' for wild victory celebrations

Posted at 9:48 PM, Feb 18, 2019

Don Cherry, a Canadian hockey commentator known for his opinions that are equally as colorful as his outfits, is not a big fan of how the Carolina Hurricanes celebrate after victories.

On Saturday during the popular Hockey Night in Canada broadcast, Cherry called the Hurricanes' players a "bunch of jerks" for their creative on-ice celebrations.

"This is the National Hockey League. These guys, to me, are jerks. They're still not drawing [fans]. I'll tell you one thing, they better not do this in the playoffs," said Cherry. "That is absolutely ridiculous. I know all the broadcasters are afraid to say something ... I know what I'm talking about. You never do anything like that. They're still not drawing. They're still a bunch of jerks."

For their part, the Hurricanes are celebrating Cherry's comments. On Monday, the team released "bunch of jerks" t-shirts on the Hurricane's team store website.

While most teams slap high fives and simply skate off the ice after games, the Hurricanes stick around for a few minutes and get their fans clapping in rhythm after wins at home. And then the players perform a skit before heading to the locker room.

Cherry's comments did not stop the Hurricanes on Saturday from celebrating their victory. They performed The Limbo following Saturday's win.

The Hurricanes have celebrated wins in other ways. After one game, the players played a game of Duck, Duck, Goose. The team also went on the ice ;There was also the time they celebrated a walk-off home run in a wild baseball-hockey crossover.