Nebraska pummeled with softball-sized hail

Posted at 6:12 PM, May 02, 2018

All across the small town of Octavia, Neb., about two hours north and west of Omaha, residents woke up Wednesday morning to find damage from softball-sized hail the night before.

Jennifer Rose says the hail damaged her two vehicles.

"It started like just raining and you could hear the plunking of the hail," Rose said. "And it started started small, like ping pong-sized, and it kept getting bigger and bigger."

Roofer Bryan Underwood says Octavia was pummeled with hail causing damage to roofs, vehicles and siding. The hail was so heavy, some stuck into the ground.

"I usually travel to the bigger stuff so i can try and help out as much as I can," Underwood said. "It's the beginning of the season. Everyone's like, 'Wow.' And we are, too."

Paul Augustyn's turkeys were safe from the hail but their coop couldn't quite weather the storm. Neither could his Lexus.

"Mainly this car," he said, pointing to the Lexus. "My truck is a little beat up. It broke the back window out. Broke the windshield. Basically, it totaled the car."

Many say they've already started the process to get estimates, wanting to get in before the roof and vehicle repair shops start booking up.