MoviePass says it will go dark for 'several weeks' to update its app

Posted at 10:34 AM, Jul 06, 2019

MoviePass is going dark while it sorts out some changes to its app.

The movie theater subscription service enables customers to see select movies in theaters based on a monthly fee.

"There's never a good time to have to do this," CEO Mitch Lowe said. "But to complete the improved version of our app, one that we believe will provide a much better experience for our subscribers, it has to be done."

The outage began Thursday morning. The company hasn't said when the service will be back up.

In a letter to subscribers, MoviePass also said it hopes to "recapitalize" and would continue efforts to cut costs.

The company says it'll credit customers for the days affected and won't bring on any new subscribers while the service is down.

MoviePass also said in the letter that it had been working for several months to make changes to its service and "ensure it meets the vision we have for it."