Move over milk, dark and white chocolates—there’s a new chocolate in town

Posted at 2:40 PM, Feb 14, 2019

Eighty years after the invention of white chocolate, there's a new kind on the market. It’s called ruby chocolate.

"It's 100% natural,” says Phillip Simonson, owner of The Chocolate Lab in Denver, Colorado. “There is nothing added to the chocolate. The cacao beans grow pink, the chocolate is produced pink, and the end color is the same one you see on the shelf.”

Simonson says the flavor is similar to white chocolate, but with a twist.

“It will start off sweet then turn sour, and get some berry notes, and the final flavor is that smooth chocolate flavor," he describes of the chocolate.

Because of the limited production, this kind of chocolate is rare in the U.S. But overseas, it was introduced in Asia two years ago, so it's become quite popular.

"I believe Nestle was the first company in Asia to produce Kit Kats once it was announced to the public,” Simonson says.

A customer at the The Chocolate Lab, who prefers white chocolate, tried ruby chocolate for the first time.

"Starts off very sweet. Kind of creamy,” Alph Kramer describes. “Rather subtle to start with, but a lot’s happening now."

While everyone at The Chocolate Lab had sweet things to say about ruby chocolate, you don't have to wait to be the judge. Ruby chocolate is sold online.