Mom delivers baby at Las Vegas gas station by herself

Posted at 2:24 AM, Jan 08, 2018

A Las Vegas woman gave birth to her baby girl in her car at a gas station by herself over the weekend.

Malachi Salbato knew her little girl would be coming soon, but she didn't know how soon.

She told 13 Actions News that she worked a full shift Saturday and hardly felt any contractions during that time. But all of a sudden, as she was driving home, the contractions became much stronger.

She called her mom and told her that she would be there soon and would give birth there, which is what she had planned to do from the beginning.

"As soon as I got off the phone with her I was like 'yup, no, I'm not even going to make it there."

Salbato was forced to pull over at the Arco gas station near Craig Road and Rancho Drive.

She pulled right up to pump 11, reclined her seat, put on soothing music, sent a couple text messages, and birthed her child into the world. It all happened in seconds.

Salbato says she tried to get the attention of nearby people by honking but no one paid any attention to her.

Salbato's mom rushed to the gas station to try and help her but by the time she got there, baby Vaeda Aurora has already arrived.

"I just can't imagine being there and taking her out in the drivers seat by herself," said Salbato's mother Candice Cavasos.

Mom and baby are both doing well and healthy.