Michigan's Jim Harbaugh says he will raise baby of player or staff member considering abortion

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Posted at 2:46 PM, Jul 28, 2022

The University of Michigan's football coach is not shying away from his pro-life stance.

In an interview with ESPN, Jim Harbaugh said he tells his players and staff members that he will care for their baby if they are considering an abortion.

"We have a big house; we'll raise that baby," Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh's stance on abortion came into the spotlight when he and his wife spoke at Plymouth Right to Life event earlier this month.

In the interview with ESPN, Harbaugh said abortion is too big of an issue to stay silent on. He said he is a proponent of discussing the issue and respects other people's views. Despite that sentiment, ESPN reports that Harbaugh called abortion "the most horrendous thing I could conceive" during media day for the Big Ten.

For years, Harbaugh has been public about the Catholic faith's role in his life.

He told ESPN his priorities are "faith, family and football."

Abortion is currently legal in Michigan because a 1931 law banning the procedure is on hold following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

A judge issued a hold on the law while a lawsuit challenging the ban makes its way through the court system.