McDonald’s is serving up a new donation program

Charity is using new technology to help families in need
Posted at 2:22 PM, Dec 26, 2019

With billions and billions served, McDonald’s has a huge economic impact around the world.

Now the home of the Golden Arches is debuting a new donation plan to generate more green: the Round-Up for RMHC (Ronald McDonald House Charities) program.

This new program does just what it says — it rounds up your bill to the nearest dollar.

“We know that times are tough and things are getting expensive for them,” said McDonald’s franchise owner and operator Jesse Standridge. “I think it’s a really good feeling to know that your change is going to a charity.”

A charity where all that extra change is used to change people’s lives at Ronald McDonald Houses. There are hundreds of Ronald McDonald Houses across the globe helping families with sick or injured children stay together.

They offer housing, basic medical and dental care and entertainment.

“He wasn’t coming home. He’s now currently sick. Now we’ve been here for seven months,” said new mom Zilynn Hawkins.

Hawkins is staying the Denver Ronald McDonald House, experiencing the benefits of this charity while one of her twins, Dominic, battles a rare lung disease.

Hawkins says the Ronald McDonald House has given her more than a place to stay — it’s given her peace of mind.

“Oh, I’m so much better,” she said. “I have my own room. I have my own bathroom. I have my own privacy.”

While families stay for free, this comfort does come at a cost.

Laura Cordes is executive director of the Denver Ronald McDonald House and says Ronald McDonald Houses have helped families in need save more than $930,000,000.

“It means so much to families to have a home away from home,” she said.

Cordes says there are waitlists across the world full of families seeking these free services.

“There were families that weren’t getting in that may have had to sleep in their cars,” she said. “Houses do really need support to grow and expand capacity.”

In an attempt to expand capacity, McDonald’s has now expanded its options.

With fewer customers carrying spare change, more restaurants have started using kiosks that give customers a chance to donate digitally in this cashless society.

“I honestly think it’s a great thing that McDonald’s is actually doing,” said one customer who donated. “I love it.”