Malnourished dog adopted after walking into Philadelphia home during storm

Posted at 12:41 PM, Dec 17, 2019

A malnourished dog that wandered into a Philadelphia home during a storm has been adopted.

Sports podcaster Jack Jokinen said his wife found the dog when she went to grab a pacifier for their baby at 4 a.m. Saturday. She woke Jokinen up and he rushed downstairs where all the doors and windows were closed.

After watching surveillance footage of his home, Jokinen figured out that the wind had blown his front door wide open for several hours, he said in a video he posted on Twitter.

The surveillance footage showed a dog limp through the door at about 3:15 a.m. About 30 minutes later, a man walked up, yelled to check on everyone in the house and shut the door.

Jokinen took the dog, who is now named Suzy, to the vet where he learned that she had fleas, ticks and a heart murmur among other ailments.

“She's in a warm house," Jokinen told KYW. "She's getting a good meal, she's getting water. She's getting cuddles and a soft bed and a loving environment. At a minimum, that's what we can give her.”