Looking for a new career next year? These will be the top emerging jobs for 2020, LinkedIn says

Posted at 5:50 PM, Dec 10, 2019

LinkedIn is out with a look at what types of jobs are likely to be most in demand for 2020.

Cutting-edge technology and mental health are big industries that are emerging.

For tech, robotics, engineering, data and cybersecurity are big areas — and specifically, jobs dealing with artificial intelligence.

“When you talk about AI it sometimes sounds very science fiction-y but what we're really talking about here is using statistics — and especially statistics that involve heavy duty computing — to comb through rings of data and reach insights you would not be able to achieve solely on the basis of human intelligence alone,” says Guy Berger, principal economist at LinkedIn.

When it comes to mental health, behavioral health technicians are in high demand.

They can fill roles in places like substance abuse treatment centers and YMCAs.

It doesn't require a four-year college degree.

LinkedIn says other industries are open to hiring employees that have diverse backgrounds, specialized training and other skills outside of a typical college education.

“Each one of these requires some specialization. But I would think, and the advice I would give anybody, is regardless, whether you're in an emerging job or an established job … it’s useful to have a broad range of soft skills, digital literacy,” Berger says.

These positions are in demand in more places too, outside of just the big cities.

Here are the top 15 emerging jobs in the U.S. for 2020, according to LinkedIn.

1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist
2. Robotics Engineer
3. Data Scientist
4. Full Stack Engineer
5. Site Reliability Engineer
6. Customer Success Specialist
7. Sales Development Representative
8. Data Engineer
9. Behavioral Health Technician
10. Cybersecurity Specialist
11. Back End Developer
12. Chief Revenue Officer
13. Cloud Engineer
14. JavaScript Developer
15. Product Owner