London attack: What we know about the victims

London attack: What we know about the victims
Posted at 7:50 AM, Jun 08, 2017

A bride-to-be, a 32-year-old Londoner and an Australian nurse are among the victims of Saturday night's terror attack in London.

Three men rammed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge and stabbed people at nearby businesses, killing at least eight.



Many of those killed and injured were targeted as they enjoyed a night out in Borough Market, a popular part of London packed with food stalls, high-end restaurants and bars.

A journalist, a French doctor and an off-duty police officer are among the 48 wounded.



Chrissy Archibald, described as beautiful and loving, was with her fiancé, Tyler Ferguson, on London Bridge when the van hit her.

They "tried everything but were unable to save her," Tyler's brother Mark Ferguson said in a Facebook post.

Local news media report that the 30-year-old died in her fiancé's arms.

"I am heartbroken that a Canadian is among those killed," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement. "Canadians stand united with the British people."

Archibald's immediate family said in a statement she had worked in a homeless shelter until she moved to Europe to be with her husband-to-be.

"She would have no understanding of the callous cruelty that caused her death," the Archibald family said, requesting that people honor Archibald by working to make their communities better.

"Volunteer your time and labor or donate to a homeless shelter. Tell them Chrissy sent you," the statement said.


Sebastien Belanger, from France's Loire Valley, was identified as being among the dead Wednesday.

He had been missing since Saturday after getting "lost in the panic," according to friend Robin Colleau, who said they were dining at a restaurant near London Bridge when the attack unfolded.

Dominique Brejeon, mayor of St.-Barthelemy-d'Anjou, told CNN that Belanger, who had been living and working in London, would be buried in his hometown.


Kirsty Boden, an Australian nurse who worked at Guy's and St Thomas' hospital in London, was killed while trying to help the injured on London Bridge.

In a statement from her family, Boden was described as an "outgoing, kind and generous" woman who was "loved and adored" by many.

"Helping people was what she loved to do in her job as a nurse and in her daily life," the statement said.

"As she ran towards danger, in an effort to help people on the bridge, Kirsty sadly lost her life. We are so proud of Kirsty's brave actions which demonstrate how selfless, caring and heroic she was, not only on that night, but throughout all of her life. Kirsty -- we love you and we will miss you dearly," the family wrote.

In a statement Tuesday from the NHS Foundation Trust, Dame Eileen Sills, chief nurse at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital said Boden was highly thought of at work.

"Kirsty was an outstanding nurse and a hugely valued member of the staff team ... described by her colleagues as 'one in a million,' who always went the extra mile for the patients in her care," Sills said.

The family has asked for privacy.


Ignacio Echeverria, a Spanish citizen who worked at HSBC in London, was confirmed dead on Wednesday.

The 39-year old skateboarding enthusiast had been missing since Saturday, when he was last seen on a sidewalk near London Bridge trying to defend one of the victims, according to eyewitnesses.

The Spanish government expressed its condolences to his family and applauded Echeverria's bravery during the attack.

"Ignacio Echeverria's actions during the attacks are an example of solidarity," it said in a statement. "His courage to defend a helpless person makes us remember the need to stay together in the fight against terrorism, against the (ones) who make violence and terror their only way of expression.

"The government firmly believes that democratic unity will overcome many challenges, including terrorism," it added.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy tweeted, "Shocked by the murder of Ignacio Echeverria, my condolences to his family. We will always remember him for his heroic and exemplary act."


James McMullan, from Hackney in London, was killed in the attack. He was last seen outside a pub near London Bridge, shortly before the attacks began.

Speaking to reporters Monday, Melissa McMullan said the police had told her that her brother's bank card had been found on one of the bodies.

In a tearful address, McMullan delivered a strong message of defiance: "While our pain will never diminish it is important for us to all carry on with our lives in direct opposition to those who would try to destroy us."

"Remember that hatred is the refuge of small-minded individuals and will only breed more," she said. "This is not a course we will follow despite our loss."

"From his friends that were with him that night, they want everyone to know what a generous and caring friend he was. Words will never be able to match his essence, there will only ever be one James."


Alexandre Pigeard, a 26-year-old Frenchman was working at a restaurant near Borough Market when he was killed. One of the attackers stabbed him on the restaurant's terrace, where he had worked for the past nine months.

Pigeard's family released a statement through police, describing him as a "marvelous son, a perfect older brother and a radiant young man, much loved by all who had the good fortune to meet him."

"All his friends praised his kindness, his good humor and his generosity," the family said.

"Alexandre was passionate about electronic music and a member of "Club 808", a group of DJs based in Caen (Calvados)."


A body recovered Tuesday night from the River Thames is believed to be that of Xavier Thomas, a Frenchman who has been missing since Saturday, according to London's Metropolitan Police.

"The body of a man was recovered from the river, near Limehouse, by specialist officers from the Marine Police Unit. Formal identification has not yet taken place; however. Mr. Thomas' next of kin have been informed of this development," police said.

Thomas was walking south across London Bridge with his girlfriend on a weekend visit to the city. His girlfriend was seriously injured after the van struck her.

According to witness accounts, it is thought Thomas was also struck by the vehicle and thrown into the river.


After a three-day search, Sara Zelenak, an Australian nanny working in London, has been found and confirmed dead.

Her family issued a statement saying they were "deeply saddened at the tragic loss of our beautiful daughter and sister of Harrison and Scott."

"Sara's family and friends are devastated," they added. "We would like to thank our friends and family who are helping us through this very difficult time."

Zelenak had become separated from a friend during the attack, and had been missing since then.

In statement Wednesday, Zelenak's former school, Moreton Bay College, said the young woman from Brisbane was "adored by her peers and staff" and would be "forever remembered" as "a positive, popular student who always had a smile on her face."



Australian Candice Hedge is also among the wounded, her mother said.

Hedge was stabbed in the neck and is unable to speak, said her mother, Kimberley Del Toro.

"I was able to Skype with her, and she gave me the thumbs-up. Thank God no major artery was cut. It could have been much worse," she said, adding that her daughter's boyfriend is at her bedside.


According to CNN affiliate Channel Seven, Andrew Morrison, an electrician from Australia's Northern Territory capital of Darwin, was seen nursing a stab wound. He told those he spoke to that it was his last night in London before he was due to fly back to Australia.


The business editor of British newspaper the Sunday Express, Geoff Ho, was wounded in the neck.

Ho was stabbed in the throat after he "selflessly intervened as the knife-wielding terrorists attacked a bouncer in the doorway of the Southwark Tavern, in Southwark Street," the Express reported.

The paper said he was later seen "walking calmly towards an ambulance escorted by a police officer holding a makeshift bandage to his neck."


Briton Daniel O'Neill remains in the hospital after being stabbed, his mother said.

His friend applied a tourniquet, she said, explaining she'd like to find the two police officers who helped stem her son's bleeding and transported him to the hospital.

"Two police officers remained in the back with him, and they had him lined across them and they placed pressure on the wounds, and I'm trying to find those police officers now to say thank you," she told CNN.


Marine Vincent, a French pharmaceutical doctor who works in London, was among those injured. One of Vincent's colleagues told CNN, "for the moment she is stable. Her family is with her."

At a press conference Monday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that eight French citizens had been injured, noting that four were being discharged while the remainder were still in critical condition.


The British Transport officer was among those stabbed by the assailants.

Chief Constable Paul Crowther praised the officer's bravery, saying he had visited him in hospital and heard his firsthand account of the attack.

"Although he is seriously unwell, he was able to recount how he faced the attackers armed only with his baton, outside London Bridge Station," Crowther said, adding that the officer joined the force less than two years ago.

On Wednesday, the unnamed officer said: "Like every police officer who responded, I was simply doing my job. I feel like I did what any other person would have done. I want to say sorry to the families that lost their loved ones. I'm so sorry I couldn't do more and I want you to know I did everything I could."


Two on-duty Metropolitan Police officers from London's Southwark borough were injured during the attack.

An off-duty officer, also from Southwark, is in the hospital with a serious head injury, according to a statement Monday by the Metropolitan Police.


An unnamed civilian was wounded by police gunfire during the attack, according to Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley.

Speaking at a news conference in London, Rowley said the person was recovering in a London hospital from injuries "not critical in nature."

Armed officers responding to the attack fired an "unprecedented" number of rounds at the three attackers on Saturday night because they were wearing what appeared to be suicide belts, police said.


An unnamed Spanish citizen is also among the injured and is in the hospital in stable condition, according to the Spanish Foreign Ministry.