Liquid baby formula not impacted by recall, but may not be first choice for families

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Posted at 10:11 AM, May 24, 2022

MILWAUKEE — If you're still having a tough time finding the formula your baby needs, you might consider the liquid version of the brand you use. It may not work for every family, but health experts say it's a safe option and at many stores, it seems to be a lot more available.

One reason for that is that liquid formula wasn't impacted by the recent Abbott formula recall.

"It was one plant in Michigan in Sturgis that was making powdered formula. So, their liquid production was able to continue," said Jennifer Crouse, Clinical Nutrition Manager with Children's Wisconsin. "Abbott does have other plants around the country that are still making liquids."

Crouse explains liquid ready-to-feed formula is just as safe as powdered, but may not be as popular.

"A lot of people do typically use powdered formula. It's a cheaper option for most families that use a lot of formula," she said.

Liquid formula also has a shorter shelf-life. Once opened, most containers need to be refrigerated and used within 48 hours.

If you decide to try out a liquid formula, ask your pediatrician for coupons to cut down the cost. Crouse says every baby's feeding needs are different and switching between powdered and liquid formula may not work for your baby.

"Not all kids tolerate change. Some kids are just really sensitive and any kind of change can be difficult for them," said Crouse.

Crouse says if you are using both liquid and powdered formula, stick with the same brand or an equivalent and talk with your doctor, especially if you have a baby with an allergy or sensitive stomach.

This story was first reported by Kristin Byrne at WTMJ in Milwaukee.