LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand gets 'F' from Better Business Bureau over customer complaints

Posted at 8:37 AM, Jan 09, 2018

LaVar Ball's shoe and apparel company Big Baller Brand is apparently not a big hit with its customers.

According to TMZ Sports, the Better Business Bureau is receiving numerous customer complaints about Big Baller Brand. Many of the complaints stem from orders not being received or incorrect items being sent to buyers.

TMZ reported, citing the Bureau, that Ball's company has received 41 negative reviews and no positive comments. The Bureau told TMZ 33 formal complaints against Big Baller Brand have been filed.

Some of the reviews and complaints about Big Baller Brand found on the Better Business Bureau's listing:

-- (From Jan 4., 2018) "I received a pair of ZO 2's as a holiday gift. They come with a lighted display case that has no instructions and no on/off switch to turn the display case on or off. When i plug it in, nothing happens indicating that the display case is defective. I have emailed at least 10 times only receiving a response once. I even offered to drive down to their location in Downtown LA to exchange their defective product as their address appears to be local. A legit, honest company would give you a phone number where you could speak to someone about any product issues and work toward a resolution. But not Big Baller Brand. Sure....they'll take your money, but once they have it, they don't make it easy for you to communicate with them. Ignoring email, no phone number, overpriced goods......no wonder everyone leaving comments that are negative. I simply want someone to reach out to me and explain how they can make this lighted display light up or send me a label to return their defective item to them and they can send me one that works. I don't think that's too much to ask. Judging by the other responses, it seems that Big Baller Brand doesn't care about the people who are buying their products. Shameful. Street vendors stand behind their product more than Big Baller."

-- (From Jan. 1, 2018) "I’m very disappointed in the Big Baller Brand. I placed an order on Dec 9, 2017 and received a confirmation email that they received my order. I reached out to BBB on Dec 19, 2017 inquiring about my order and I received an email from customer service stating they would do research and see what happened. Since then I’ve heard NOTHING and I’ve reached out to them on 12/28, 12/26, 12/23, and I sent a message on there website asking for information about my order. This is VERY bad business! I WILL NEVER EVA ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN! I’ve sent an email to ABC News and NBC News. They are doing this to so many people and it’s not right."

-- (From Dec. 27, 2017) "Placed my order on December 1st. Items arrived arrive 12/27 which was a ridiculous amount of time. One of the two orders arrived in the wrong size. For a premium brand paying $50 per plain white shirt the service is horrible- no customer service number, long shipping time, and wrong items arrived. No response to my email either. RIPOFF- I would give zero stars if I could."

In fact, Bureau officials said Big Baller Brand now has an "F" rating due to the ongoing issues.

Bureau officials told TMZ that they have contacted Big Baller Brand twice, but have not heard back. TMZ also reached out to the company but did not receive any response.

ESPN was able to reach Ball regarding the rating and complaints against his company, and he issued a response via text message.

Ball told ESPN: "Better Business Bureau is as outdated as the Yellow Pages. Who cares about them? Tell them that Yelp! has replaced the Better Business Bureau. We honestly thought the Better Business Bureau was out of business. The new BBB stands for the Big Baller Brand."

Last spring, Big Baller Brand unveiled its first signature shoe for Ball's son, Lakers guard Lonzo Ball, and put it up for sale at $495 a pair.