Kitten burned alive adopted by vet tech who helped her heal

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Posted at 2:02 PM, Jun 30, 2022

LAS VEGAS — A 4-week-old kitten pulled from a dumpster fire last month in Nevada has been adopted by a veterinarian technician who has helped her heal.

The Las Vegas Animal Foundation rescued the kitten after she was pulled from a dumpster fire around May 3.

The foundation named the kitten Savannah, and she has been treated for her burns and provided other care under the stewardship of Pet Health.

One of the veterinary assistants at the facility fell in love with the little fighter who wouldn't quit.

"I just saw this thing," Alex Reyes said. "Actually, I didn't know what it was at first."

Reyes said Savannah's burns were extensive, and Clark County officials kept a close eye on her recovery, periodically sending updates through Twitter.

Reyes said he and other caregivers at Pet Health cared for Savannah around the clock as she could barely do anything, including eating and breathing, without their assistance.

"Yeah, we had to make her poop," he said. "Everything."

Now, after weeks of helping Savannah fight for survival, the kitten has been deemed healthy enough for adoption, and Reyes said he knew the strong girl would be coming home with him, scarred ears, nose, and all.

"It just makes her, you know? You'll never find another cat with half ears or a fake nose as we call it," he said. "I think it makes her look cute and different."

With the Animal Foundation's and his colleagues' help, Reyes said Savannah's story of triumph over the odds sends the message that it's always worth fighting for animals in need.

"No matter what injury, they can always come back," he said. "Every animal deserves a second chance, and she definitely got hers, and we're going to make the best of it."

The Animal Foundation is gearing up for a rush of "found animals" as Las Vegas approaches the Fourth of July weekend.

Anyone interested in helping them with donations or volunteering can visit their website here.

Sean DeLancey at KTNV first reported this story.