Indianapolis lawyer accused of flashing girls on a bus while driving

Posted at 7:25 AM, Sep 22, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis lawyer is accused of flashing a bus carrying a girls' basketball team on two separate occasions while driving. 

Norwell High School girls’ basketball coach Eric Thornton said he was driving the girls to a tournament in June when a man pulled up beside their bus on I-70 near the airport and exposed himself.

“He knew it was a school bus,” said Thornton. “(He) knew it was high school aged females on the bus.”

The man, who police have identified as Raymond Fairchild, then exited the highway before the team could get the license plate on his Honda CRV.

“The girls were horrified and just very disturbed,” said Thornton.

In an attempt to identify the alleged flasher, Thornton posted a photo taken moments before the incident on social media.

That post made its way to Union City where a second girls’ basketball team reported a similar incident last February – from what appeared to be the same man.

“Once we found out that he’d done it before it was obvious this was a pattern,” said Thornton.

It didn’t take long before someone on Facebook recognized that man as Fairchild and contacted investigators.

The 71-year-old is listed as having a law office in downtown Indianapolis.

“He should never be allowed to practice law again in my opinion,” said Thornton. “He should be put away for a time.”

Fairchild now faces six counts of public nudity and indecency charges. His first court appearance is set for October 26.

“It’s a crime against innocent, naïve girls who just saw abnormal behavior and had no idea what would happen next,” said Thornton. “He needs to be severely punished for his behavior.”