Follow these tips to save time on holiday giftwrapping

Posted at 3:34 PM, Dec 20, 2019

Wrapping Christmas presents can be time-consuming, but there are some tricks to get it done faster, so you can focus on enjoying the holiday season.

It’s common to cut wrapping paper too short or to not have enough paper left to wrap a gift. Giftwrapping expect Kammy Witulski says don’t throw it out. Instead, turn the gift sideways and you should be able to wrap with no issues.

If you don’t have wrapping paper or if it’s too expensive, Witulski says there’s nothing wrong with using tissue paper.

“Tissue paper comes in really nice packaging these days,” said Witulski. “You can get multiple designs in one package for just a few dollars. And it's usually between 20 to 30 sheets per package and that's plenty for you to do a lot of giftwrapping."

However, you’ll need to remember to use two to three sheets, so you don’t see the gift and the tissue doesn't rip.

Soft items like clothes can be hard to wrap, especially if you don’t have a box.

Witulski suggests using two sheets of tissue. Roll the item, place it on the tissue and then start to roll up the clothes into the tissue, making it look like a piece of candy. Use ribbon to tie the ends, and it's the perfect little Christmas treat.

Lastly, if the edges of your presents look a little wonky because the they're not crisp and clean, Witulski says to hide your lack of wrapping skills by using double sided tape, so nobody will notice mismatched folds.