Florida maid of honor accused of turning wedding into nightmare, reports say

Posted at 9:55 AM, Jan 12, 2017

A couple's wedding in south Florida could have been a dream — if the maid of honor had behaved herself.

Amanda Willis caused chaos at the wedding of Brian and Jennifer Butler by getting drunk, stealing someone's car, assaulting emergency medics and exposing herself to sheriff's deputies, according to reports.

Huffington Post reported this week that, among Willis's reckless behavior at the ceremony, she took off in a man's car as he was "hanging out the passenger side door." The man had to reach in and pull the emergency brake to stop the car, according to an arrest report obtained by Huffington Post.

WBBH-TV reported that others at the wedding said Willis was "drunk within 20 minutes" and that among her imbibements was "an entire bottle of Fireball."

According to WBBH, Willis was arrested and faces charges including battery, grand theft auto and a probation violation. Huffington Post reported this was her ninth arrest in Charlotte County, Florida.

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