A pit bull named 'Feisty' was diagnosed with cancer. A community is helping her with her bucket list

Posted at 9:24 AM, Dec 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-19 10:18:45-05

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ind. — An entire Indiana community has stepped up to help a dog with terminal cancer fulfill her bucket list.

The Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County in Indiana says the 4-year-old pit bull, named Feisty, originally came to their shelter more than two years ago.

She was at the shelter for a year before she was adopted into a loving family. But three weeks ago, that family had to bring her back.

“We have a policy that if any adoption doesn’t work out, for any reason, no matter how long it’s been, the pet must be returned to our shelter,” said Nickee Sillery, medical coordinator at the AWL. “Once an AWL dog, always an AWL dog.”

It wasn’t until after Feisty was returned to the shelter that they discovered she had advanced terminal lymphoma.

Fiesty Officers.jpg

Sillery says they created a “Bucket List” for Feisty so she can live her best life in what time she has left.

That list included things like:

  • Eating a steak
  • Eating an ice cream cone
  • Taking a photo with a feather boa
  • Selfie with a cop
  • Ride in a big truck
  • Photo with a fire truck

All things any dog would love.

The AWL posted Feisty’s list on Friday and they say the response has been overwhelming.

Fiesty Semi.jpg

“Our community has been unbelievable. The support, the response has been amazing,” Sillery said. “She has had ice cream cones, multiple steak dinners, took a ride in a semi-truck, been to local dog-friendly stores to pick out toys, taken car rides with families, and slobbered on kids the entire time, took pictures with local police and had her picture taken in a fire truck.”

But just because one list is complete doesn’t mean there isn’t more fun to be had. The AWL has now invited the public to come up with new bucket list ideas for Feisty and they’ll take it day-by-day as long as she feels well enough to enjoy them.

“She is an amazing dog. She is so very gentle, sweet and kind — everything that a pit bull truly is," Sillery said. "It’s a blessing that the public is getting to know her.”

Sillery said they also want to remind Hoosiers that shelter dogs need love too.

“Our hope is that everyone that hears her story will pay it forward in their own community,” she said. “Shelter dogs don’t have to get cancer to get a cheeseburger, go for a car ride or have a snuggle.”
And also, be a lesson about life.

“We want her bucket list to serve as a lesson to everyone … live it up, have fun and be kind,” Sillery said.

If you’d like to keep up with Feisty’s adventures, you can check out the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County on Facebook .

You can also check out some of her latest adventures below.