Feeling age discrimination in your job search? Tips to help

Posted at 1:59 PM, Aug 17, 2018

The law is supposed to protect against age discrimination, but many companies continue to target their job ads towards younger people.

There are lawsuits pending against T-Mobile, Facebook and other large companies, accusing them of discriminating against older workers.

Those companies are accused of using tactics like excluding 40-year olds and over from seeing job advertisements, recruiting only on college campuses and even capping the number of years of experience someone can have.

Here are some ways to get around the age factor in your job search, according to the job site Monster:

  • During the interview, talk about how much longer you want to keep working.
  • Make sure you are proficient with technology and are aware of the latest trends related to your field, so there would be no additional training you would need to land the job.
  • On your resume, don't include dates on your degree or work history.
  • Keep your eyes out for the right company that hires people of all ages.
  • Check the company’s reviews online.
  • During your interview, take note of the employees already working there.