Dog returns home after escaping Missouri animal hospital

Posted at 11:44 PM, Nov 20, 2017

Jeff Peterson's dog Truman escaped from Missouri's Hidden Valley Animal Hospital overnight Thursday after somehow breaking out of his cage and unlocking a deadbolt.

Peterson hung hundreds of signs around the city and posted on social media looking for Truman. On Monday morning he received an anonymous tip that led him to his dog.

"The moment they brought him out the door to the porch, I knew it really was him. Boomer, his brother, knew it really was him. That was amazing. We were so, so happy," Peterson said.

According to Peterson, several neighbors said they saw his dog at an Independence home. However, when they knocked on the door over the weekend, the individuals inside said they did not have Truman. Monday night, they told Peterson he could have the dog as long as they received the reward money.

"They kept saying 'show me the money, show me the money before we let the dog go,'" he said. "He was scared, even of me."

No charges have been filed against the men who found Truman.