Dentist accused of seeing patients while drunk

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Posted at 11:27 PM, Aug 07, 2017

A Pennsylvania dentist is being accused of seeing patients while intoxicated as his practice's co-workers found him passed out on a dental chair, WPXI-TV reported

Dr. Gregory Bellotti was formally charged last week after police were called to a Moon, Pennsylvania dental practice on March 23. Police claim that Bellotti was intoxicated and smelled like alcohol after Bellotti's co-workers notified police. 

When police arrived, Bellotti was unable to answer simple questions. 

Bellotti told police that he drank a bottle of vodka before police arrived. When police tested his blood alcohol level, authorities claim his level was at .418 percent, which is more than five times the legal driving limit. 

According to a report obtained by WPXI, Bellotti had treated eight patients on March 23. He was reportedly the only dentist on staff that day. 

WPXI reported that Bellotti's dental license has been temporarily suspended. 

He will face arraignment next month.