Poll suggests ‘blue wave' could be crashing ahead of midterms

Posted at 3:57 PM, Oct 23, 2018

There’s been talk of a “blue wave” heading into the midterm elections, with more Democrats energized and ready to vote. But just two weeks before the midterms, a new poll suggests the wave could be crashing.

The lead in the election polls Democrats once had has fallen. In many of the battleground House or Representatives races, candidates from both parties are running almost even, according to a Washington Post poll.

Another report finds Republicans are outpacing Democrats in early voting in key states, many of which are seeing record turnout.

President Donald Trump outlined what he feels has sparked the turnaround.

“This will be the election of the caravan, Kavanaugh, law and order, tax cuts and common sense,” Trump says.

Even Democrats are downplaying the chances of a “blue wave.”

“If the election were held today, the Democrats would handily win the House,” Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, says. “I can only speak in the present tense because you never know in a couple of weeks.”

The president just announced he'll hold at least another ten rallies before the midterms, meaning he will have spoken at more than 30 rallies in the final five weeks of the campaign.

President Barack Obama is also on the road, campaigning for Democrats.

“The consequences of anybody here not turning out and doing everything you can to get your friends neighbor's family to turn out, the consequences of you staying home would be profoundly dangerous to this country and to our democracy,” Obama said during a recent rally.

In these final couple weeks, both parties are having rallies across the country to motivate their base and to see which party can convince more of their voters to turnout.