VIDEO: Here's how similar (and different) Democrats, Republicans and third-party voters are

The results might surprise you
Posted at 5:00 AM, Oct 28, 2016

Everyone's got an opinion. Especially during an election season. 

WCPO television station in Cincinnati, Ohio decided to do a little experiment: The staff invited 12 Democrats, 12 Republicans and 12 third-party voters to answer "yes" or "no" on several politically-charged questions.

(Democrats dressed in blue. Republicans dressed in red. And third-party voters dressed in white.)

Would they agree on anything? Check out how similar (and different) these three groups are in the video above.

Here are the results:

QUESTION 1: Should Muslims face extra immigration hurdles? 

QUESTION 2: Should the wealthiest Americans have their taxes increased? 

QUESTION 3: Would Donald Trump make a good president? 

QUESTION 4: Would Mike Pence have been a better Republican nominee? 

QUESTION 5: Are you worried this election could be rigged? 

QUESTION 6: Is climate change real? 

QUESTION 7: Would Hillary Clinton make a good president? 

QUESTION 8: Would Bernie Sanders have been a better Democratic nominee? 


Video produced and edited by Maxim Alter. 
Video shot by Phil Didion, Bruce Crippen and Emily Maxwell. 
Special thanks to Anna Langlinais, Lisa Bernard-Kuhn, Meghan Wesley, Emmalee Reiser, Brian Niesz, Mike Canan, Mark Neikirk, Matthew Hackett, Northern Kentucky University and the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement.