Deer crashes through window at fitness center

Posted at 8:07 PM, Jan 30, 2017

On Saturday, a handful of members working out at a gym in Greenbrier, Tennessee were taken by surprise when three deer rammed into the storefront windows, one crashing into the facility.

"He got his cardio in," joked Quik Fit owner Eric Lee Beddingfield. "Thank God he stayed off the treadmill."

The deer ran a few laps around the facility, obviously frightened by the impact, and then ran straight into the woman's restroom, bucking the door closed behind him.

Greenbrier Police were called to the scene.

"He was probably a little embarrassed when the DNR had to drag him out of the women's restroom," Beddingfield said. 

Luckily, the officers were able to catch the deer and drag him out the facility's back door.

"He kind of laid there for a bit, I was concerned at first,' Beddingfield said. "But he finally caught his breath after all that cardio and took off."

Two other deer also bounded into a window, but did not break through the glass. Gym members and all three animals were unharmed.

The buck also left behind a memento Beddingfield plans to display.

"His antler broke off, so we're going to mount that and hang it in the gym," he said. "And we're going to get a yellow deer crossing sign too."