Those working during pandemic should still prioritize PTO or risk burnout

Posted at 4:45 PM, May 19, 2020

There's another potential employment crisis looming – burnout.

More than half of people working say they are not planning on taking time off or a vacation during this pandemic, according to jobs website Monster.

Whether it’s the overwhelming amount of people concerned about job security, or the inability to separate themselves from work at home life, all around it’s a bad idea.

“Your PTO is your PTO and that could be three-day weekends, extending summer Fridays,” said Vicki Salemi, a Monster Career Expert. “Enjoy this time and try to have a separation from work when you find yourself at home also working.”

Not taking your paid time off means you're leaving money on the table, essentially taking a pay cut.

More than two thirds of employers feel personal productivity has dropped, which can be due to burnout.

“So, you really need to have a hard start and stop to your day,” said Salemi. “A separate work environment in your home that’s just for work that you can keep separate, so at the end of the day, at that hard stop I just mentioned, you're able to have a life outside of the area in your home that’s specifically for work.”

At the same time, almost half of employees don’t think their bosses are being supportive during this time.

Not many employers are increasing the amount of sick and vacation days they offer, but they are prioritizing preventative measures like work-from-home policies.