Cedar Point's Steel Vengeance closed on opening day after trains bump into each other

Posted at 3:12 PM, May 05, 2018

Cedar Point's newest roller coaster was shut down Saturday after two train cars bumped into each other.

Witnesses said the cars were traveling at a slow rate of speed when the collision happened.

According to witnesses, one of the carts made a "weird rattle noise" in the second-to-last corkscrew before entering the station. The second cart came in shortly after and hit the first train.


Today was Cedar Point's opening day. Park visitors took to Twitter to voice their concerns about the incident.

Cedar Point released the following statement:

At approximately 1:30 p.m., a Steel Vengeance train returning to the station lightly bumped a parked train in the loading station. There were guests on both trains. Four guests requested a review at the ride by the park’s First Aid team and went back into the park. All other guests left the ride and continued their visit.

Steel Vengeance is currently closed while the incident is under review. There is no further information at this time.