Caught on camera: Adults fight during kids' basketball game in Las Vegas

Posted at 2:29 AM, Apr 15, 2018

A scary moment happened for parents and young kids when a fight broke out at the Lied Memorial Boys and Girls Club near Lindell Road and Edna Avenue in Las Vegas.

It's not clear yet how it all started but from the video, it appears that a number of adults were involved. But what concerns parents most is there were a lot of young children, even babies in the audience when the fight started. 

What seemed like a heated argument turns into a fistfight within seconds. People were throwing wild punches, shoving and tackling each other as others tried to break the fight.

Scripps station KTNV in Las Vegas spoke with a parent who was at the Lied Memorial Boys and Girls Club. Concerned with his kid's safety, he did not want to be identified.

"It was scary you know just to know that all those kids around, and how fast the situation escalated... just one second everybody was having fun and the next second it was chaos," the parent said. "It was a 'think fast' moment because the kids were close. More than anything it was just getting the kids out of the way and then figuring out what was going on."

KTNV reached out to Boys and Girls Club and the National Youth Sports League which oversees the game.

The League responded saying it is still "gathering facts" saying, "If found that any of the individuals were involved in our league they will be immediately removed and we will press charges. This is in no way the kind of behavior that should ever happen at a child's game."

Parents also told KTNV they're disappointed. They said as adults, people should be able to control our anger.