Camera rolls as bat-wielding attacker smashes car windshield in Las Vegas

Bat-wielding attacker smashes car windshield
Bat-wielding attacker smashes car windshield
Posted at 12:15 AM, Mar 05, 2018

A woman goes berserk, bashing the windshield of a white car in the middle of traffic in the middle of the day. "The girl was pounding, trying to get the other girl out of the car," said Priscella Bautista, an eyewitness.

Bautista, her fiance and their two-year-old son were driving in Las Vegas on Friday afternoon when they saw a case of road rage gone wild. “We had our kid in the car. It was scary," said Bautista said, who did not want to show her face on television. 

Bautista watched in horror but kept rolling as the woman wielded her bat like she was swinging for the fences. The woman inside the white car was petrified. "I wouldn't expect to see anything like that at all," Bautista said.

The driver of the attacker's car got angry with Bautista. "When he seen me recording, he yelled at me and said ‘can I help you?’ and I said ‘no we're just recording.’ I said ‘we don't want no problems,’" Bautista said.

Once she was done with her major league automotive attack, the woman with the bat casually walked back to her car. "I was thinking they're probably going to come after me too but they didn't. They drove away pretty fast," Bautista said, hoping someone sees the video and recognizes the attacker.

"I really hope they get caught,” Bautista said. "If that was me in that situation. I hope somebody would’ve helped."

The driver inside the white car was unhurt.