Biden plans to sign bipartisan infrastructure bill on Monday

Joe Biden
Posted at 4:53 PM, Nov 10, 2021

President Joe Biden will sign the $1 trillion infrastructure bill on Monday, the White House announced.

"Infrastructure Week has finally arrived. How many times did you hear over the last five years," Biden said in Baltimore, Maryland on Wednesday.

Biden claimed the bill will help accelerate improvements in the supply chain.

"It represents the biggest investments in ports in American history," he said.

Biden said implementation of the infrastructure bill will allow products to move faster and for a lower price.

The president noted that consumer prices are too high.

A report Wednesday showed that prices for U.S. consumers jumped 6.2% in October from a year earlier. From September to October, prices jumped 0.9%, the highest month-over-month increase since June.

The President noted Tuesday that his administration is working to address the supply-and-demand issues.

"Stabilizing the supply chains is as important as ever. That's why I spoke with the CEOs of FedEx, Walmart, Target, and UPS," Biden said. "They've committed to having the shelves stocked for the holiday season, to working 24/7. The ports will be operating like never before."

Following signage of the infrastructure bill, Biden will be traveling the country to show the American public what it is doing for their communities.