Bakery helps victims of sex trafficking move forward

Posted at 4:17 PM, Dec 10, 2018

A bakery in Baltimore, Maryland is going beyond making goods.

The goal at The Samaritan Women bakery is to shape young women into professionals.

The women also call this place home. The residents of The Samaritan Women are all survivors of sex trafficking and abuse.

“What our program does is provide that first real world working experience,” says Jeanne Allert, the organization’s founder.

Allert founded the organization in 2007. Her goal was to provide safe, long-term housing, and vocational programs, like the bakery, to women across America who have suffered the unthinkable.

The goal is to not only to develop life skills, but to create a recipe to a new woman.

Rosylyn Lindneris, who is on the staff, says learning basic work skills is important, because most of the women have never had a real job. 

"Our biggest wish is that her personhood, her humanity, gets restored,” says Allert.