Arizona state lawmaker bragged about driving 140 mph during traffic stop

Ariz. lawmaker bragged about driving 140 mph
Posted at 3:09 PM, Jul 12, 2018

An Arizona state lawmaker was caught on video bragging about driving 140 mph and saying that he was not required to obey the law. 

In a video obtained by ParkerLiveOnline, Rep. Paul Mosley of Lake Havasu City, told a La Paz County Sheriff deputy that he was traveling 120 mph before he was pulled over. He went on to say he has traveled 140 mph before.

Mosley was pulled over on March 27. The video was made public this week.

The deputy caught Mosley traveling 97 mph in a 55 mph area on a freeway near Parker. The representative told the deputy he was going home to Lake Havasu City to surprise his wife. 

Mosley posted a message on his Facebook page Thursday saying he would "like to apologize to my colleagues and constituents, as well as law enforcement, for my conduct." 

"I have no excuse for any of this, only regret of my actions, a hope for forgiveness and a commitment that it will not happen again," Mosley added. 

According to ParkerLiveOnline, who obtained the deputy’s report, Mosley was swerving in and out of traffic and passing vehicles on State Route 95. 

The report indicated that Mosley provided the deputy with a document showing he was a state representative and he had legislative immunity. 

A KTAR News report cites Arizona Constitution, Article IV, part 2, section 6:

“Members of the legislature shall be privileged from arrest in all cases except treason, felony, and breach of the peace, and they shall not be subject to any civil process during the session of the legislature, nor for fifteen days next before the commencement of each session.”

According to the deputy's report, he believed the conversation about safe driving was not going anywhere, and “Mosley was allowed to continue on his way without incident.”

The Cochise County Attorney’s Office has been asked to review the incident.

State Rep. Mark Finchem, R-Tucson, said he has filed an ethics complaint against Mosley for "conduct unbecoming a member."  

Arizona House Speaker JD Mesnard released the following statement: "I was disturbed to see Representative Mosley’s actions in the video from March 2018. Nothing short of an emergency justifies that kind of speeding, and assertions of immunity in that situation seem outside the intent of the constitutional provision regarding legislative immunity."

The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police announced on Thursday it has withdrawn its political endorsement of Mosley. 

"Rep. Mosley’s recklessness, his demeanor and his utter disregard for the safety of the public represent the exact opposite of what the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police looks for in an elected official,” John Ortolano, president of the organization, said.

La Paz County Sheriff's Office issued the following statement regarding the interaction on its Facebook page:

The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office, like all Arizona law enforcement agencies, follow and enforce Arizona Revised Statutes. In the recent traffic stop that was conducted on the Arizona Representative, the La Paz County Deputy was provided with information that the State was currently in Legislative Session. The Deputy acted properly during the traffic stop then forwarded the traffic offense to the County Attorney’s Office for review.