Arizona school district hiring foreign teachers to tackle shortage

District employs 25 teachers from India
Posted at 7:17 PM, Sep 25, 2018

TUCSON, Arizona — Tucson Unified is taking a different strategy -- used by charter schools -- to tackle the teacher shortage. It's hired foreign teachers -- from India.   

Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo has confirmed 25 teachers are taking open spots in hard to fill subjects — math and science.

"They're filling vacancies that don't have a sub at all. They haven't been able to get a long-term sub and we haven't been able to get daily subs," said Trujillo.

Most will teach in middle schools -- the hardest grade levels to fill. Trujillo listed Booth Fickett and Lawrence among the schools. 

He says he's not prepared to give details on the costs that could include H1-B visas for teachers.