Apple's $53,000 Mac Pro computer draws attention on social media

Posted at 6:21 PM, Dec 10, 2019

Tuesday marked the first day consumers could purchase Apple's new Mac Pro desktop computer, and it is already being scorned on social media for its price tag.

While a basic model of the Mac Pro sells for $5,999, Apple's upgrades to the computer could set a buyer back more than $53,000.

Yes, a computer on the consumer market is selling for more than most cars.

There is no word on whether solitaire comes preinstalled.

While the computer is on the consumer market, its designed for those who require "extreme performance."

“We designed Mac Pro for users who require a modular system with extreme performance, expansion and configurability. With its powerful Xeon processors, massive memory capacity, groundbreaking GPU architecture, PCIe expansion, Afterburner accelerator card and jaw-dropping design, the new Mac Pro is a monster that will enable pros to do their life’s best work,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

The computer features some expensive upgrades, which could add thousands to final cost.

For instance, upgrading from an eight-core processor to a 28-core processor could add an additional $7,000. Upgrading the memory to the computer from 32GB to 1.5 TB adds $25,000 to the purchase price. An upgraded graphics card could cost as much as $10,800. An upgrade to the story also could add $1,400 to the price.

The Mac Pro's large price tag has prompted many to poke fun at Apple on social media.

But as many have pointed out, the computer isn't designed for the typical consumer.