Amazon packages undelivered in Texas, left on side of road

Posted at 5:20 PM, Jan 28, 2019

More than a dozen of Amazon packages were found on the side of the road in Arlington, Texas Sunday, addressed to homes not far from where they were left.

Police were notified. They have the packages and are getting them to the right people.

The packages were left in an open field.

Marge Dawson, who lives not even a mile away, was expecting a delivery Saturday.

Dawson should’ve gotten the 20-pound bag of birdseed she ordered Thursday. Instead, she received a notification from Amazon that said her package had been lost in transit or damaged.

Dawson said she’s had a couple of problems in the past with her Amazon packages not being delivered, but said the company always has good customer service and made things right.

She thinks this is definitely the driver’s fault and not the company’s.

“I think he got tired, got a better offer of what to do last night than deliver packages,” said Dawson.

Police reached out to Dawson letting her know they have her package.

Despite what happened, Dawson said they’ll still be buying from Amazon.

“They just have to screen their drivers more carefully,” said Dawson.

Amazon released a statement saying, “This does not reflect the standards we have for delivery service partners. We will address this with the delivery service partner and work with customers directly to make things right.”