Amazon driver finds baby abandoned on side of road by apparent carjacker

Posted at 12:33 PM, Jan 26, 2021

HOUSTON, Texas — An Amazon driver in Texas took action when he spotted a baby that was left on the side of a road after an apparent carjacking Monday.

Juan Carlos Flores told KTRK and ABC News that he was on his typical route in Houston when he spotted the baby in a car seat.

The Houston Police Department told KTRK that the baby’s mother had left the child in her vehicle as she checked that her apartment was locked and when she returned, the car was gone, along with the infant.

The suspect ended up dropping the baby off on the side of a road and ditching the vehicle nearby before fleeing the scene.

A neighbor, Mirna Garcia, told KTKR that her surveillance cameras were able to document the incident and she turned the footage over to police. She said the video showed the baby being dropped off and that the baby was there for about 20 minutes before Flores spotted the child.

Flores told KTKR that he never expected to find a baby and he thought, “This is not normal that a baby can be on the side of the street. It's not normal."

Flores told ABC News that he’s delivered thousands of packages since he began driving for Amazon at the beginning of the pandemic, but this delivery was the best he’s ever made and the best thing that’s happened to him on the job.

As for the baby, Garcia cared for the child until police arrived and reunited it with its mother.

As of Tuesday, police were still searching for the suspect who took the vehicle.