A 54-year-old woman in Baltimore was stabbed to death trying to give a panhandler money

Posted at 1:34 PM, Dec 01, 2018

BALTIMORE — Baltimore Police are investigating a Friday night incident that left 54-year-old Jacquelyn Smith dead.

At about 12:34 a.m., patrol officers were called to a Baltimore-area hospital for a report of a walk-in stabbing victim. When they got to the hospital, they found Smith with a stab wound to her chest.

Despite the doctor’s efforts, she died.

Investigators tell WMAR Smith and her family were driving in the 1000 block of Valley Street when they noticed a woman that looked to be about 20 years old, 5 feet 4 inches tall and wearing a brown jacket. It looked like she was carrying a baby, or had something wrapped up to look like a baby, and was holding a cardboard sign that said, "Please help me feed my baby."

Smith, who was in the passenger seat, rolled down her car window so that she could give the woman some money. At that moment, a man, about 30 years old and 6 feet tall with a goatee, approached the car to thank the family for the money.

The male suspect then reached in to grab Smith's wallet, which is when a struggle began. Police say the man stabbed Smith in the torso before he and the female suspect that was holding the sign ran away.

"I'm not going to stop my car. You know, the way times are you don't know who to stop the car for," said Odella Taylor, a Baltimore resident.

"Think twice, look twice. I go to work early in the morning and my guards is up," said another Baltimore resident, Ellison Taylor.

Police echoed that advice, saying crimes like these can happen any time.

"Always be aware of your surroundings. It doesn't matter if it's the middle of the day or the middle of the night. If you're driving, if you're walking, if you see something or someone that's suspicious, call 911, our officers work 24 hours a day," Jeremy Silbert of the Baltimore Police Department told WMAR.

Homicide detectives are looking for the suspects. Call Baltimore Police with tips at 410-396-2100 or contact the Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7Lockup. Remember, you can always stay anonymous.