5 of the worst type of gift givers

Posted at 3:31 PM, Dec 14, 2018

Have you ever given a gift that was intentionally inconsiderate? Maybe you even received one over the years.   

Deborah Cohn, a consumer analyst, says when it comes to the worst gift givers, there are five types.  

The Confrontational Gift Giver

Confrontational gifts are usually given to send a message.   

"Every year, my father would buy us stuff for our house like a weed wacker, leaf blower, to be like, ‘Your house is a mess,’" describes one woman.  

The Selfish Gift Giver

This type of gift giver can be in a relationship. An example is when you buy your spouse a big screen TV for Christmas, but the TV is something you know you want to enjoy.

The Obligatory Gift Giver

It’s the last-minute gift, with no thought behind it. That can include a gift card.

The Aggressive Gift Giver

Then, there is the aggressive gift, the ones that are explicitly meant to offend.

The Competitive Gift Giver

This may apply to the competitive people you know. The gift giver who tries to outdo everyone else’s gift.   

Whether you're buying gifts for family or for friends this year, instead of being petty, try to put a little thought into the gifts your giving.