House Republicans release redacted Russia report

House Republicans release redacted Russia report
Posted at 10:20 AM, Apr 27, 2018

The House Intelligence Committee on Friday released a redacted version of the Republican report on the committee's year-long Russia investigation, in which, GOP members say, they found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and disputed the intelligence community's findings that Vladimir Putin tried to help elect Donald Trump President.

The committee released the report with redactions from the intelligence community, along with a redacted Democratic dissent disputing the Republican conclusions.

Rep. Mike Conaway, the Texas Republican who led the committee's Russia probe, said in a statement that the intelligence community made "overzealous redactions" to the report, and the committee plans to challenge them to get more of the report declassified.

"Many of the redactions include information that is publicly available, such as witness names and information previously declassified," Conaway said.

Republicans ended their investigation into Russia's 2016 election meddling last month, concluding they found no evidence that Trump's team had colluded with Russians.

"We found no evidence of collusion, and so we found perhaps some bad judgment, inappropriate meetings," Conaway said when they submitted their report for declassification.

But Democrats say Republicans failed to interview key witnesses and issue subpoenas to obtain necessary information, and were not interested in uncovering collusion. They are now continuing their own investigation without Republicans into Russia's election meddling.