Mystery painted portraits show up along Niagara Falls street

Posted at 1:42 PM, Feb 20, 2018

Why did several large, painted portraits suddenly appear on display along Ferry Avenue in Niagara Falls?  Residents in the neighborhood around 26th street wondered if it was meant as a memorial, message, or public art project?

City officials didn't know either.

The large portraits are painted on canvas and depict a family.  The only identifiable markings on the paintings are what appears to be the artist's signature and a date of either 1966 or 1968.  Three portraits were placed on trees and a fence over a two block radius.  

Alerted to the portraits by social media, a Niagara Falls Public Works crew collected the pictures and took them to be held in case a relative may recognize the people.

"They obviously meant something to someone," said John Caso, Director of Parks & Public works for Niagara Falls.

Caso said he plans to talk with the Niagara Falls Library to see if there is any way of identifying the individuals or artist who painted the elaborate portraits.

As to why they were placed on the street for all to see?  Caso said it is possible that the pictures came from a recent move-out in the neighborhood.  Niagara Falls Police had determined the pictures were not part of a campaign of any sort.

If you recognize the portraits and would like to claim them, you can call the Niagara Falls Public Works Department at (716) 286-4840.

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