Mother's quest to take on opioid epidemic

Posted at 11:31 PM, Jun 23, 2017

Amazing Grace is the song Rebecca Barnell sang to her son Colton, as he died. That was a year ago, Friday night. It was his 23rd birthday. He struggled with addiction.

A mother like Barnell can't just sit back and watch an epidemic that takes a life every day in Erie County, continue to spread. She created Colton's Journey to Liberation.

“From the moment he died I knew we were doing the benefit. What I didn't know is we were starting an organization,” said Barnell.

The purpose of CJL is to bring people together and inform families that there are different options for addicts.
Friday she hosted a benefit in the Village of Hamburg.

“I mean, if we could get one village, one town, saying we're together and we're doing this, that could stimulate this everywhere,” added Barnell.