Most New Yorkers are not getting enough sleep, here's why

Posted at 7:17 PM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-02 19:17:20-04

A new Siena Research Institute study released shows that only 24% of New Yorkers on average get eight or more hours of sleep. 

Twice as many, 48%, sleep no more than six hours a night. Experts say we are over stimulated. Technology, including smartphones and tv are the main culprits. 

Sleep Expert, Soda Kuczkowski said factors like air quality, working graveyard shifts and not getting the proper nutrition could lead to sleep deprivation. 
Kuczkowski runs Start With Sleep in North Buffalo. She said there are plenty of natural ways to get to sleep without taking sleep aids. The first thing is start by unplugging from digital devices. 

“Limiting the amount of artificial light you have in the afternoon is really important to sleep. It’s going to help regulate our sleep-wake cycle. Having plants in the home to purify the air and mid oxygen things like Aloe Vera plants are great,” Kuckowski said. 

Other strategies like eating sleep promoting foods like bananas, kiwis, sweet potatoes, or a bowl of Cheerios can help. 

For more information on how Start With Sleep can help you get better rest go to

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