Morty the Corpse Flower to bloom again

Posted at 4:16 PM, May 29, 2018

Morty the Corpse Flower is set to bloom again.

Starting Tuesday, Morty will be on full display inside the Botanical Gardens.  Experts say the flower will most likely be in full bloom within six weeks.

Morty first moved to the Botanical Gardens in South Buffalo in July of 2014 and bloomed a month later. During that time, the Botanical Gardens saw record attendance numbers of more than 10,000 visitors in two weeks.

The Corpse flower is famous for its huge blooms and horrible smell, like rotting flesh, while in bloom. When in full bloom, the flower, and its accompanying smell, lasts only 24-48 hours.

During Morty's upcoming bloom, the Botanical Garden will have extended hours.

You can find updates on Morty's progress by clicking here.









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