Morning thunderstorms leave damage across WNY

Posted at 12:58 PM, Jul 25, 2016

A 94 year-old chimney at the Carmelite Monastery was struck by lightning while sisters were in prayer this morning.

No one was injured, but the lighting caused some bricks to fall from the chimney and left a large hole in the roof. 

The monastery is insured through the diocese and will assess the cost of damage later on today.

In Cheektowaga a home was struck by lighting; that strike caused a small fire in the back of the home.

Residents inside the home say they heard a loud boom, saw sparks and immediately called 911. No one was injured.

Cleveland Hill Fire Chief Shawn Paa said this isn't the first time homes in the area have been struck by lightning. Paa said homes on higher ground tend to get struck more often.