More women running for political office

Posted at 11:26 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 23:26:22-04

Election Day is fast approaching and one thing that will be on more and more ballots this November, women.  A record number of women won primaries for the U.S House and Senate.
Angela Marinucci is running for Erie County Clerk.

“So it didn't occur to me too much, until I was told that there hasn't been a county wide elected woman in Erie County since 2011,” said Marinucci.

This is her first time running for anything. The Democrat feels the current political climate, and certain things President Donald Trump says and does is a big reason more women are running.

“Women kind of took themselves off the sidelines and decided, you know, we have to be participating to be that change, be part of what we want to do to make our communities and our states and our country better,” said Marinucci.

Kelly Martin is a republican running for town council in Boston. She says the president is a big reason more women are seeking office, but she believes that for a different reason.

“President Trump can sometimes can come off as aggressive and that always seems negative to some women. I think republican women need to stand up and say that we don't necessarily agree with that,” said Martin.

Obviously, both sides of the aisle see things a little differently. But, these two women, both encourage others to step up and if you want to run, run.

“I think our democracy functions better when everyone is represented and that includes both women and men,” said Marinucci.

 “I say get your hat in there. Do it. Speak up and represent women, not only women, but all people,” added Martin.