Montreal passes ban on pit bulls

Posted at 11:01 AM, Dec 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-02 18:29:52-05

A controversial bill banning anyone from becoming a new owner of a pit bull or pit bull mix is now law in one of Canada's largest cities. 

The measure became law after a court-ordered suspension of the original law passed in October was lifted by the Quebec Court of Appeal.

Dog owners who currently have pit bulls are not affected.

The Montreal SPCA said it was disappointed in the decision.

"If the city of Montreal truly wanted to ensure public safety, it would not have forced a rush adoption of controversial legislation which is unfair, unenforceable, and, most importantly, ineffective," CBC.careports.

Local animal groups are also taking to social media reacting to the controversial law. The SPCA of Niagara took to twitter expressing concern:

It is a bad time to be a pit bull type dog in Montreal. The courts ruled against the Montreal SPCA today and BSL has immediately gone into effect with some minor changes to the original law. Hold your kitties tight and train them right and always keep them in your sight because BSL exists in our backyard and could happen here. Irresponsible owners who allowed their dogs to become a menace caused this. Don't be that owner.

A group of dog owners and animal-behavior experts are already planning to challenge the new bill in court.