Legislation proposes lactation rooms in airports

Posted at 8:40 AM, May 03, 2016
Senator Tim Kennedy and western New York moms are taking their fight to Albany on Tuesday. They'll meet with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle hoping they adopt legislation that would require lactation rooms in airports. 
Advocates say the legislation is "common sense."
Statistics show that less than 10% of airports nationwide have a lactation room for mothers who nurse or pump. 
Kennedy is hoping New York can follow in the footsteps of Illinois and California. 
Rachel Jackson is a mom of two young boys who approached Kennedy with the idea in August. She said he took swift action.
Jackson said pumping or feeding in a bathroom stall is unacceptable and unsanitary. 
"To pump in a bathroom stall --  it's not only humiliating, it's unsanitary and it's not safe," said Jackson. "There were times that I refused work, because it was just too hard, especially long trips."
Just a few weeks after Kennedy proposed the legislation the Buffalo Niagara International Airport voluntarily created a lactation room for nursing mothers. 
Lactation rooms often have a sink for cleaning equipment, a baby changing station, outlets for the pumps, artwork and comfortable seating. 
The new legislation would require all airports in New York with more than 1 million travelers a year to add a lactation room by January 1, 2017. 
Smaller airports would have to add a lactation room when doing construction or renovation on new or existing terminals. 
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